Fiberglass horse statue

Material: Fiberglass
Applicable: Park /Shopping malls/Courtyards/Garden Outdoor space etc.
Size/Shape/Color: Can be customized
Factory direct supply, support customization according to drawings

Fiberglass horse statues are sculptures fashioned out of fiberglass material. Fiberglass statues are popular because it can be formed into intricate forms with minimal effort, due to its strength, lightweight properties and ability to take intricate details in its molds.


Fiberglass horse statues can add decorative flourish to a variety of settings - parks, gardens, public spaces or private residences alike. Available in different sizes and styles ranging from lifelike representations of horses to more abstract interpretations that blend art into daily life - fiberglass horse statues make excellent additions.


These statues can be painted to meet any aesthetic preference and boast remarkable resilience against weather elements like rain and sunlight - perfect for outdoor installations where they will endure exposure.


Fiberglass horse statues make an elegant focal point in landscaping or architectural design projects, often appreciated for capturing the grace and beauty of horses in an everlasting and visually stimulating form

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